Fort Knox For Your Files

VaultDrop encrypts, slices & randomly distributes your data across multiple servers in different cities, making it virtually impossible to hack.


Secure Sign On

Your credentials are protected by Private ID’s secure single sign-on, protecting your identity and letting you revoke our access to your data anytime.

Data & Key Encryption

All your data are encrypted with AES-256 keys, then sliced, effectively encrypting them a second time. The same is done with your keys, making it virtually impossible to crack.

Information Dispersal

An advanced information dispersal algorithm distributes encrypted slices of your data to geographically separate and independently operated storage locations.

Neutral Data Custodians

Independent nonprofit entities steward your encrypted, unreadable slices of data. This prevents any corporate control or unauthorized use of your data.


Store & Share In Vaults

Vaults, hardened, secure repositories for content, enable you to store unlimited files and links organized how you like with flexible workgroup sharing.

Add Any File or Link

Add any file type or link to vaults, letting you supply titles and descriptions for enhanced organization.

Track Group Communications

View and track comments on a vault or anything inside and receive activity notifications with built-in communication tools.

Manage Admin Controls

Seamlessly control access permissions for any vault you create.


Security of your data is our highest priority and we back it up with a guarantee to you that we will keep your information safe. If any of the storage facilities we use to steward your data is compromised, and your data becomes readable by any unauthorized third party, we will pay you for the damages. Our guarantee covers up to $500 in damages for individuals using our “Starter” plan, and up to $5,000 for individuals using our “Pro” plan.*

*For more details about our guarantee, see our Terms of Service.



  • 3 TB of Storage
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