About Us

Vault Drop is built and run by a founding team with diverse professional backgrounds and a common interest in data privacy, security and consumer protection, as well as secure file storage and collaboration. As individuals, our goals and focus converge with our shared commitment to developing high security work solutions that first and foremost keep sensitive data private.


Vault Drop has integrated Private.me’s patented dispersed data storage technology to develop and bring to market the highest level of security in a file storage and collaboration solution. The data protections that we are able to offer are unprecedented, and critically needed. Our team, the high profile, career-long security work of the individuals who work for our company, and the robust, secure file storage and collaboration solution we’ve developed, is something we are all proud of.


Our team has collective pride in what we a’re offering, the confidence to be the only storage and collaboration solution with a guarantee and insurance policy, and the drive to continue our work in offering consumer privacy protections. We continue to lead the efforts to help consumers and businesses alike keep their data private, and to solve the widespread data privacy problems that destroy companies and individuals every day.
Please reach out to us to discuss Vault Drop, our features, and our security practices.

For more information about our focus of data privacy and security:

Read the Private.me white paper that describes the security technology we use.

Visit Private.me to learn more about applications and uses of the security technology, including a free private web search service.
Learn about Private ID and how this changes the way information is stored, accessed and used by outside parties. Private ID is a single sign-on service that lets an individual retain complete control over their own data.