Cloud Storage For Your Tenants

Offer your tenants free unlimited cloud storage as a low cost, high-value move in incentive

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Benefits of offering cloud storage

Rent More Units

Stand out from the competition by offering free cloud storage. We supply you with both physical and digital marketing materials to help your vacancies get noticed

Offer Cloud Storage
Instead of Free Rent

Stop giving away expensive move-in specials like first-month-free. Offer cloud storage instead at a fraction of the cost

Increase Rents

Charge tenants $10 more by offering cloud storage with their rental. Other cloud storage service charge $15 a month and do not offer unlimited storage.

Keep Tenants Longer

Tenants who use VaultDrop cloud storage tend to stay in units longer and are less likely to move out after a rent increase.*

Getting Started

  • There is no obligation. Pay nothing at sign up and try it free for the first month.
  • No long term commitment. Pay monthly and cancel anytime.
  • We provide all of the cloud storage marketing materials both physical and digital to help you attract new customers and stand out from the competition.
  • We also handle getting your tenants signed up for their free cloud storage accounts so your managers do not have to do any additional work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays for the service?
The property owner or management company pays VaultDrop for the service and usually gives it to their tenants as a move-in perk or marks up the cost of the service in the tenant's rent.
What is the cost?
VaultDrop can be purchased for each of your locations at the cost of $3.99 per month for up to 4 occupants.
What level of security do you provide for the tenant's data?
VaultDrop offers encrypted cloud-based file storage. The Data is encrypted with 256-bit encryption.
What is cloud storage and why would my tenants want it?
Customers need to store and backup files on their phones and computers and therefore cloud storage use has increased over 25% per year. Normally they get limited storage space or have to pay for it, so they’ll love unlimited space that can be provided free from you.
Is there a mobile app or is this just through a web browser?
VaultDrop can be used on many different platforms, from the web browser on your computer, to our desktop app. We also provide mobile apps for both Android and iPhone
Is there revenue sharing?
Yes, when customers move-out, if they decide to pay monthly to keep uploading content, VaultDrop shares that revenue with you. Revenue sharing is also available in a retail scenario.