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Self-Storage Affiliates

Right Move Self-Storage
Storage Zone
Inside Self-Storage World Expo
Burke Self-Storage
Perry Road Self-Storage
Magenta Self-Storage
A-Safe Storage
Access Self Storage
Huffmeister Road Boat Storage
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 Locations Offering VaultDrop Cloud Storage

Free - No charge as long as you rent with us
Flexible - Store photos, videos, documents and more
Unlimited - Store as many files as you want*
Secure - Trust that all your data is encrypted
Shareable - Share your photos & files with friends and colleagues


Q. What happens if I move out?
A. When you move out, you can still access your files forever. If you want to keep uploading, you can sign-up for ongoing unlimited VaultDrop cloud storage for only $4.99 per month.
Q. Do you have an app?
A.Yes, we have an app! You can download our iPhone and iPad app from the App Store, and our Android app from Google Play.
Q. Can I share files with friends?
A. Yes, you can easily share anything you upload with friends, family, work colleagues or anyone else.
Q. How does this compare to Dropbox, Apple iCloud or Google Drive?
A. We offer patented security that’s unavailable on these other services. That is, we automatically encrypt and distribute your encrypted data among multiple unrelated data service providers so that it’s virtually impossible to hack.
Q. What else makes you different?
A. Besides our high security and free unlimited service, VaultDrop turns your file storage into a much more usable tool: You can add cover images, titles and descriptions to any vault, folder, or anything inside. You can sort them in whatever order you want to create a presentation. You can even add links to vaults, like YouTube videos and news articles!
Q. How much can I upload?
A. You can upload as many photos, documents and other files as you want, so long as you don’t abuse the service. For more information, please review our Terms of Service.