Unlimited Cloud Storage For Your Customers


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Increase Self Storage Income

Provide Unlimited Cloud Storage With Rentals

  • Rent More Units
  • Raise Rates
  • Increase Customer Retention


Return on Investment
When cloud storage is offered, an average of 4 extra tenants move-in per month per facility*
When cloud storage is offered, an average 139 of the tenants in a facility would rent again or refer a friend*
*Average facility: 500 units

See how it works
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In today’s world your customers have a variety of storage needs and together we can take a giant step to help you solve all of their storage needs.

In addition to your state-of-the-art self-storage facility, we can add the capability of providing “virtual storage” for all of your customers’ computer files, family photos, music and videos and of course all the work files that they deal with every day.

VaultDrop offers unlimited cloud storage to your customers. So whether your customers need to back-up 3 – 30 or even 300 megabytes, gigabytes or terabytes, you can deliver it. Essentially, their rentals include a new Unlimited Virtual Storage account via VaultDrop.

It is easy to set-up. It integrates with your management software seamlessly via behind-the-scenes API connections. We do all the hard work, you only have to tell your customers about this amazing technological amenity!

It is easy to set-up for your customers too. It allows them to share any file in their vault with anyone around the world. And don’t worry, if your customer should ever no longer need your actual storage unit, your customers can simply convert to a direct VaultDrop customer without any fear of losing access to their virtual storage account. And you will continue to get paid a residual income from us even after they move out.


Leigh W.

“This is such a clever idea for Devon Self-Storage to offer its customers free cloud storage. It made me smile.  I am certainly not a techie, but I found the app pretty easy to navigate with a little bit of trial and error.  What a relief.  So far, I have moved all the pictures on my phone to the cloud.  I want free up space and get my phone moving a little faster.  Next, I will start on my computer.  I like being able to see almost all of my photos on the screen at once instead of having to scroll constantly.

When I asked for help, I got a reply right away, which really surprised me.  Another thing is that I’m glad not to have to pay money to Apple for more iCloud storage.

It’s awesome that the service is free and unlimited. At first, I didn’t believe what I was reading about this offer and was tempted to ignore the message. I thought it was some promotion or gimmick—but it turned out to be true!”

The marketing benefit pays for itself…

or mark it up and justify your next rent increase

Darren Kelley, Right Move Storage:

“VaultDrop paid for itself with only 3 new customers, which came right away. We also increased our revenue by $500 monthly through a related rent increase justified by providing this new value to customers. On a 6% cap, that makes each property worth over $100K more.”




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To get started tell us how we can help your busines

Increase Self Storage Income

Provide Unlimited Cloud Storage With Rentals

  • Rent More Units
  • Raise Rates
  • Increase Customer Retention

*Individual file size may not exceed 100MB.