Rigorous Security Protocols Protect Your Files

Our Industry-leading security and data privacy measures keep your information safe and in your control.

VaultDrop Security - Laptop with Key & Lock

How we protect your files

We use industry-standard encryption and other proprietary methods including distributed servers among disbursed geographical areas to ensure the files you upload to VaultDrop are kept secure.

How we protect your identity

We use a third-party, Private.me to provide login services to VaultDrop. Private.me uses patented technology to ensure only gain access to what’s yours.

How we protect your files

Strong Encryption

Our industry standard 256-bit AES encryption is used to protect every file you upload. This ensures no unauthorized party can gain access to any of your files. Even if someone took the data, it would not be decipherable.

Never Lose a File

Your files are spread out and backed-up on a regular basis, with multiple copies of portions of your content stored on different servers. This ensures no matter what happens to one data center, your data will always still be available.

Your Content is Always Available

Our content distribution network ensures rapid access to your content when you need it, whether by mobile or desktop.

How we protect your identity

Secure Sign-On

We use Private ID’s secure single sign-on (SSO) because it offers you the most advanced sign-in protections available, and keeps your information more secure than any other cloud storage service on the market.

Private ID gives you control over your data

The Private ID platform is focused on privacy, security, and restoring ultimate control over personal information back to you, the owner. Private ID gives you, not us, control over your private data and your account, and it prevents us from storing any of your credentials or data. We can’t see anything you store and you can revoke our access to your data anytime from your Private ID control panel.

Using Private ID and VaultDrop

  • Get started in VaultDrop by signing in with your existing Private ID account, or creating a new one.
  • Your web browser will redirect you to a secure Private ID session, which is no longer on the VaultDrop website.
  • After logging in, or creating an account, you will be redirected back to VaultDrop with a fully authenticated session.
  • Your password is never revealed to us

SSO Technical Details

Private ID SSO is similar to OAuth, OAuth2 and similar protocols, except it incorporate secure extensions such as back channel direct inter-site communications protected by TLS cryptography for best-in-class privacy and security. Read More