Security-hardened file storage, organization, and collaboration

VaultDrop makes it easy to store private information, collaborate with teams and share data securely.

Store, Share, and Organize in Vaults

Store your information confidently and securely in vaults, which are specialized, security-hardened repositories for your files, folders, and links. Create vaults for different topics, projects, departments, workgroups, and teams.


  • Create unlimited vaults for different topics, departments, projects, teams, etc.
  • Store any number of files and links and folders in vaults
  • Stay productive with easy organization and collaboration
  • Set up different workspaces for each team

Add Files, Folders, and Links

Keep your information together, organized and safe. Vaults let you create social team repositories around topics, to which you can add any file or link, and organize with unlimited folders. You can even add a title and description to files and folders and order them in a list by relevance. This makes vault contents easily understood by your team.

  • Upload any file type — images, videos, documents, presentations, and so on
  • Provide a title and description for any vault, folder, file or link
  • Drag and drop to reorder contents of vaults and folders

Communicate Easily

Collaborate effectively by staying on top of the vaults, folders, files, and links being used by your workgroup. Our easy-to-use built-in communication tools keep all the comments and communication in one place.

  • Comment on any vault, folder, file or link
  • Follow vaults to receive notifications about comments, likes, and follows
  • Easily view vault activity on vault activity feeds

Collaborate Freely

Seamlessly control access to any vault you create. Our flexible and intuitive admin tools make it easy to set all the permissions you want and to change them anytime.

  • Make vaults public or private
  • Share vaults with specific users
  • Assign and revoke editing and viewing permissions
  • Set-up specialized Open and Moderated folders
    • Open folders let anyone add content that all can see
    • Moderated folders let anyone add content that only the owner and admins can see