Survey Says: Free Cloud Storage Is an Attractive Feature

There’s no doubt that free unlimited cloud storage is a unique feature for a self-storage facility to offer its customers. But is it an effective one? Just how many people would be interested in renting storage from a place that offers cloud storage as well?

A lot, it turns out.

We ran a series of surveys via Survey Monkey and Google Surveys to suss out just what the interest level would be for this kind of feature. The results of our first survey, pictured in Figure 1, show just how attention-grabbing cloud storage can be. More than 35% of respondents said their decision to rent from a particular facility was influenced by the free unlimited cloud storage account that they offered.

Good to know, but how much of a difference did it make between that facility and their competition? No one’s going to turn down free cloud storage, all things being equal. So we decided to stack it up against one of the most common offers in the industry: first month’s rent for a dollar. That would really tell us the type of interest there was in free cloud storage.

As you can see, the $1 rent just barely edges the cloud storage in the results, 51% to 49%. Very nearly half of respondents would rather pay the full price for the first month than give up cloud storage. And an entire month’s rent is quite a lot of revenue for a storage facility to leave on the table, while cloud storage can be quite affordable. [Link to some kind of sales/pricing page?]

Things look even better when stacked against 50% off the first month’s rent:

In this one, cloud storage actually comes out ahead! The revenue potential here is not something to be overlooked. At a storage facility with many customers, cloud storage is a very affordable feature to offer. The cost is spread out over so many tenants that each individual customer is paying almost nothing, while you — the storage owner — can bump up the price a bit for each of them to more than cover the cost. Contrast that with 50% off the first month’s rent —you simply lose out on all that revenue.

There’s no question that cloud storage is an affordable, attractive way to differentiate your company from the competition. And here at VaultDrop, we’re ready to help you make the leap. Contact us today to learn more! Contact Us