Guaranteed ROI2019-01-11T12:40:34-07:00

Increase rent $1 per unit and rent more units

  • Rent more units
  • Increase rent $1 per unit
  • Keep customers longer
  • Increase property value
  • Substitute cloud storage for free rent promotions and save money
  • Unlimited, secure cloud storage for all of your self-storage tenants
  • Promotional materials provided free of charge: 8′ banner, 3′ poster and flyers sent to each of your locations
  • Digital marketing support for your launch
  • Offer unlimited secure cloud storage to tenants at all of your self-storage facilities
  • Pay $99-$149 monthly per location based on facility size
  • Display all VaultDrop cloud storage digital and physical marketing materials on your website and at your locations
  • If you don’t believe you’ve seen an ROI after 30 days, you can pay all or none of your first invoice

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