Benefits of offering cloud storage

A useful add-on to Service Provider's bundles

Cloud Storage can complement High-Speed Data, TV, Voice and Security Services offerings

Offer Cloud Storage
Instead of Discounts

Stop giving away expensive discounts such as reduced promotion rates. Offer cloud storage instead

Additional Revenue

Customers can be charged a nominal fee for unlimited storage services. That is additional revenue to the Service Provider

Connect with your customers

Service Providers can maintain community vaults, using them to share content and stay connected with their customers


Store & Share In Vaults

Vaults, hardened, secure repositories for content, enable you to store unlimited files and links organized how you like with flexible workgroup sharing.

Add Any File or Link

Add any file type or link to vaults, letting you supply titles and descriptions for enhanced organization.

Track Group Communications

View and track comments on a vault or anything inside and receive activity notifications with built-in communication tools.

Manage Admin Controls

Seamlessly control access permissions for any vault you create.

Key Benefits for Your Customers

  • Free - Service Providers can offer cloud storage free of Charge for their Customers 
  • Flexiable - Allows your customers to store photos, videos, documents, and much more
  • Unlimited - Customers get to store as much as they want. Service Providers can manage how much storage each use gets
  • Secure - Data is stored in a secured manner in the cloud
  • Shareable - Data can be shared with colleagues, friends, and family
  • Social - It is not just another storage solution. Users can add cover pages and titles

Getting Started

  • There is no obligation. No long-term commitment for the Service Provider
  • Minimum on-boarding costs and integration effort
  • No long-term commitment for the Service Provider
  • We provide all cloud marketing materials if required - both physical and digital
  • We also handle getting your customers signed up for their cloud storage accounts

Frequently Asked Questions

What is cloud storage and why would my customers want it?
Customers need to store, and backup files on their phones and computers, and therefore cloud storage use has increased over 25% per year. They usually get limited storage space or have to pay for it, so they’ll love unlimited space that can be provided free from the Service Provider..
Can Customers share files with friends?
Yes, Customers create Vaults where they store their various types of files. These vaults can be shared with colleagues, friends and family.
What else makes Vaultdrop different?
Besides our high security and free unlimited service, VaultDrop turns your file storage into a much more usable tool: One can add cover images, titles and descriptions to any vault, folder, or anything inside. You can sort them in whatever order you want to create a presentation. You can even add links to other Vaults, YouTube videos, news articles.
How much can one upload?
You can upload as many photos, documents and other files as you want, so long as you don’t abuse the service. Service Provider can control this.
Is there a mobile app or is this just through a web browser?
VaultDrop can be used on many different platforms, from the web browser on your computer, to our desktop app. We also provide mobile apps for both Android and iPhone.
Who pays for the service?
The Service Provider pays VaultDrop for the service and usually gives it to their Customers as a perk when they sign up for service or to existing Customers.
What is the cost?
The cost of the cloud storage as a service for the Service Provider depends on the area of coverage, number of subscribers, etc. Please contact us to get a detailed breakdown of your cost.
What infrastructure would the Service Provider need to offer Vaultdrop to their customers?
None. The entire solution will be hosted by Vaultdrop in their Partner cloud environment. So, there is no up-front capital expenditure cost.
Is there any integration that is required between Vaultdrop and Service Providers back office system?
Very minimum. The only integration that may be required is ability to obtain Customer data including email to provision them in the Vaultdrop system and to which notifications can been sent to remind customers to sign up for the service.
What level of security do you provide for the Customers data?
VaultDrop offers encrypted cloud-based file storage. The Data is encrypted with 256-bit encryption. VaultDrop is also implementing a patented data dispersal platform to provide an additional layer of data security.
Can the Service be branded as a Service Provider Solution?
Absolutely. The cloud storage service can be white labeled as a Service Provider Solution.
How long does it take to implement Vaultdrop?
VaultDrop can be launched on your POS within days in many cases. Allow more time for any training requirements as your internal schedule permits.
Can the Service Provider have their own Vaults?
Of course. This is one of the key differentiators where the Service Provider can have their own Vaults store special offers, community information, local events, coupons from local businesses, etc. and share it with their Customers. In fact, Vaultdrop also becomes a marketing and community outreach tool.
How does Vaultdrop compare to Dropbox, Apple iCloud or Google Drive?
We offer patented security that’s unavailable on these other services. That is, we automatically encrypt and distribute your encrypted data among multiple unrelated data service providers so that it’s virtually impossible to hack. Also, Vaultdrop is just more than a storage solution. It has social media and collaboration concepts built-in.
Can you request a demo?
Absolutely! To schedule a time, contact us at help@vaultdrop.com

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